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How to perfectly hang a door - tips from an expert.

Today we ask Paul, one of our handymen who is also a qualified carpenter how to hang to hang a door without messing up,

Paul: "Hanging doors is one of those jobs that some customers assume is easy but can easily be mucked up at a number of points".

"First put the door up against the frame, make sure you have the door the right way around. Hollow doors, for instance, have a "lock block", and this needs to be put in the right spot for the door to go in and close."

"Mark the spots all the hinges will go and check that the bottom of the door has enough clearance. Mark the spot if you need to trim a bit off the bottom"

"Once you figure out where the hinges go on the door, outline them with a pencil and start to chisel out the places for them. I use a sharp chisel that can gouge out the wood in one go as you move down."

"Then carefully screw the hinges in and hang the door carefully but not before you trimmed or planed any excess off"

Good luck!

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