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Hiring the right Handyman: Avoid misery, financial loss and property damage

Houses and the fixtures and fittings within them can break and experience wear and tear. A hole in a Gyprock wall, broken tiles or a deck that needs repair - the list of such problems is endless.

When this happens many will attempt to fix the problem itself. Others will lack the confidence with tools and call either a licensed tradesperson or perhaps a handyman. Handymen are the "Jack of all trades" of tradespeople, however there is a huge range of capabilities within the handymen sector. Some will be of average ability whereas others will plaster as proficiently a licensed plasterer, or perform carpentry based tasks as well as a quality carpenter.

Unfortunately much of the public are only looking for one thing when searching for a handyman and getting quotes: the lowest price. This is a pity because a botched job by a less than professional handyman can cost thousands more than the most expensive quote in the long run. Even if a job is not botched, is say $50 worth having to spend the next 10 years or so looking at a less than perfect job when for a bit extra one could have got a flawless job?

An honest and proficient will never attempt to price gouge or highball. They will ask the minimum price that allows them to do the job properly and make a living themselves. We at Ontime Handyman guarantee that all our highly capable handymen only ever charge the minimum amount that allows them to end up with a happy and satisfied customer and a problem solved 100%.

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