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Become an Ontime Handyman!

Ontime Handyman has earned a reputation as Australia's premier home maintenance co. Our brand is expanding, and now we are looking for motivated individuals to join our network of independent Handymen all over Australia. Are you good with tools, are you an appropriately licensed Tradesperson/hold a Building Work Contractors license and currently self-employed though seeking more well-paid jobs? Are you currently employed but looking for a fun and rewarding way to make say an extra $1000 per week in your spare time or between $2000-4000 full-time, on your own terms and during hours to suit? We cannot keep up with the work coming in.

You will work near home and all callouts will be residential or small business. The type of calls we get vary - from small plaster repair jobs, small tiling jobs, fixing cupboards to minor concreting, minor carpentry, mounting mirrors, pictures & TV brackets..in other words, a variety of jobs. We set up the job and give an estimated quote (subject to your confirmation) - all you need to do is go there and solve the clients problem. There is also huge room for growth in our organisation. You will require a vehicle (however we are open to candidates without one - though earning potential will be reduced) and basic tools. Sart Asap. Call us now on 0416651247 if this sounds like something that you would be interested in.

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