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10 tips for a "100%" tiling job

For a "100%" tiling job

Nothing much looks nicer and cleaner than freshly laid tiles. Australian weather conditions in places like Sydney and Brisbane make tiles the floor of choice for many. Long lasting, tough and easy to clean. A few basic tips can give your Tiling job that "100%" look. Here they are:

1. Make sure the surface you are tiling is flat as possible and free from greasy substances

2. Use a datum line to make sure your work will be neat and straight

3. Apply tiles to adhesive as soon as possible, so adhesive to does not dry at all before tiling

4. Use spacers to create the perfect grout line

5. Make sure the tiles are coming to full contact with all the adhesive under them

6. Store the tiles in a cool place out of sunlight before tiling, for this affects the way theye stick to your adhesive

7. Mix the adhesive very thoroughly prior to putting down

8. Cut and arrange all tiles down on the floor before tiling

Tiling yourself can be rewarding, however, if you lack confidence or time, call a tiler or experienced handyman tiler to do the job

A recent tiling job by Ontime Handyman

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